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Could you have a Cataract?

Have you noticed your vision getting a little blurry? Sort of like looking through a smudged piece of glass or a cloudy lens?

Have you noticed that when driving at night, the oncoming headlights seem bright or glaring?

Do colors not appear as bright as they used to?

It could mean that you have a cataract. There are different types of cataract and the type of cataract you have will affect the symptoms you experience.

There is a type of cataract called a nuclear cataract that can actually bring about a temporary improvement in your near vision called 'second sight'. Unfortunately, this effect doesn't last long and will disappear as the cataract gets worse.

Another type of cataract is called a subcapsular cataract. A subcapsular cataract may produce no symptoms at all until it is nearly fully developed.

Cataracts can cause permanent damage to your eyes if they go untreated. The important thing is, that if you think you may have a cataract, contact your eye doctor as soon as possible and find out if you do.

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