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LipiFlow Treatment in Fort Worth Texas

Dry Eye Treatment Fort Worth, Texas

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Altig Optical is proud to announce our new LipaFlow Thermal Pulsation System. LipaFlow is an in-office dry eye treatment that mixes the soothing feel of warm compresses with meibomian gland expression.

The LipaFlow device fits onto the eye and also over the eyelids and applies precisely controlled heat to the lids to soften hardened meibum. At the same time, the LipiFlow system applies pulsed pressure to the eyelids to open and express clogged meibomian glands, thereby restoring the correct balance of oils in the tear film to relieve dry eye syndrome.

Your tears are made up of three primary components, mucin, aqueous and lipid. These three elements work together to keep your eyes healthy. Lipids prevent evaporation, lubricate, and stabilize your tears. Meibomian glands at the top margins of your eyelids produce and inject oil into your tears with each blink. This oil prevents tears from evaporating and drying out the thin protective layer of tears covering your eye.

In a healthy eye this process is balanced and controlled. If this is out of balance, your tears can dry up and your eyes produce a larger amount of the aqueous component. If this happens certain glands in your eyelid can become inflamed and swollen.

This is what causes the symptoms of dry eye which includes dryness, grittiness, burning, eye fatigue and discomfort.

The oil then that is produced by the meibomian glands in your eyelids thicken to a paste-like consistency.

As this condition worsens, your eyelids may show signs of inflammation.

The LipiFlow system uses heat and pressure to clear the meibomian glands liquefying any blockage making it easier to remove from the gland pulsatile pressure is applied by the system to further clear the blocked glands.

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