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Ellen Tracy

Ellen 20Tracy 20AdThe Ellen Tracy eyewear collection offers fashionable sophistication for the professional woman who wants to dress for success.  The collection appeals to the mature woman with a youthful spirit, bold and colorful with grown up glamour.  Based in the fashion brand’s strong American heritage and superior workmanship, the Ellen Tracy eyewear collection offers polished and luxurious styling with a harmony of colors, materials and original design details.

A blend of textures and subtle embellishments, the Ellen Tracy collection enhances a natural and mature beauty with interesting geometric eye shapes in modern and classic styles. Adorned with textures, laminates and unique patterns, the spirited collection is infused with a bit of attitude for an adventurous sense of style.

Crafted with high quality materials and tailored for comfort, style and fit, Ellen Tracy eyewear is perfect for the woman who wants to be effortlessly fashionable. The versatile collection offers a range of shapes, colors and styles to appeal to the everyday woman throughout the varied course of her day.

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