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Which glasses are best for your face shape?

How to Select Eyeglasses Frames based on your Face Shape

Glasses, if decided on properly, could boost your finest facial attributes, while hiding your less preferable attributes. It is important to collaborate with an eye doctor to pick a flattering design that will work well with your prescription. Optometrists become specialists in this field so they can help all the diverse types of patients who look to us for guidance and assistance.
There are many factors to consider to consider when picking a frame that will properly suit your face. The very first factor to consider is your face shape. Another important consideration is your hair color, and skin tone. Additionally, consider what activities you will be using utilizing the frames for, such as basic uses, reading, driving, or sporting activity. An additional consideration is the type of material you prefer for the frames, and what material will be best for the lenses.

Just what shape is your face?

The first factor to consider when choosing a frame is your face shape. There are generally 7 different face shapes, and different types of frames look best on each different kind of face. To figure out your face shape, take a lipstick or lipliner, look in the mirror, draw your hair back, and outline your face while looking in the mirror.
Now that you understand what your face shape is, which frame will be the most complementary?
Oval. Oval faces are symmetrical, they are longer than they are wide, and so for this face shape it is very easy to find frames that will be very complementary. Nearly any frame looks good on oval faces.cropped rsz red cats eye frames
Square. Square faces have strong jaws as well as wide foreheads, and this face shape is well proportioned. A square face looks best with frames that relax the angles of the face. Round, oval, as well as somewhat curved frames are suitable, along with narrow frames.
cropped rsz funky half frame round glasses
Round. A frame with angles is the best frame for a round face, as it will add definition to the face. Rectangular frames balance the softness of the face, and look very good on round faces. Strong colors also look good on round faces.
rectangular blac frames
Triangle. Triangle faces have slim, wide foreheads and round chins. Faces that are triangle look great with frames that have lots of details and colors at the top of the frame which helps balance the face.
cropped rsz vintage cat eye glasses frame gold with jewels pictures
Heart. Heart shaped faces have a larger forehead. and cheekbones, when compared to the chin. To balance a heart shaped face, decide on smaller sized frame styles without design details, and a lower-set temple. Rectangular, square, and aviator frames will definitely all work with this face shape.
cropped rsz metal rectangular glasses
Oblong. Oblong faces have square chins with a face that is longer than it is broad. Oblong faces look best in round, square, or rectangular frames, as well as frames with design details on the temples. Try to find frames that include width to balance out the length of the face.
oval frames with decorated sides
Diamond. Diamond are slim on the top and also at the bottom. The ideal frames for diamond faces are frames that bring attention to the top portion of the eyes, such as cat-eye shapes, or highly ornamental  frames.
cropped rsz funky metal frames with jewelled sides
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