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For I was blind, but now I see 🙏🙏🙏 Thankful to the really friendly staff and Drs.
3 weeks ago
- David S.
🥸 I can see clearly now
3 weeks ago
- Esmeralda R.
I've been going to this place for a few years and they were super nice and got me in quick. I had a accident that affected my vision and gave me terrible headaches. They gave me some recommendations on this lense that would help me with the headache and my vision and I'm very grateful and happy helped a lot.
3 weeks ago
- Dominicus W.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff.
1 month ago
- Bill G.
Great experience! What you expect from a friendly devoted staff.
2 months ago
- Miguel G.
I love the Dr. here, staff is always wiling to help and send you to the correct location depending on your visit. When it comes to buying glasses Jack in the optometry department is an awesome asset. My son hates picking out glasses and he loves Jack’s input and interaction. Today we came and he was bummed he didn’t attend us. He said next time if we can ask for Jack.
5 months ago
- Claudia O.
I love Dr Altig, he is my regular provider. He is kind, personable, and courteous. I have Also had the pleasure of working with Dr Patel, she is incredibly talented and does a great job of explaining things in a clear manner
9 months ago
- Tochukwu U.